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You say 'freak' like it's a bad thing ..

le freak c'est chic

21 August 1986
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hey there.◄
I'm Julia, 21 years old and a soon-to-be bookseller.
I keep this livejournal mostly for reminding myself of what happened lately so I'm not really 'friending' at the moment.
Would be pretty boring for you because most of my entries are locked :)
If you, however, wish to be my friend anyway, please go ahead.
But beware: you'll have to deal with a great chunk of nerdiness here.

You may judge me by my taste of music and other interests now:

i am
sarcastic ; sensible ; humorous ; introverted ; caring ; lazy ; absentminded ; a good listener ; chronically missunderstood

i like
books ; tea ; rain ; watching movies ; observing people ; music (all kinds .. really) ; playing guitar ;

i don't like
labels (like in music or sexual orientation: I listen to the music I like and I fall in love with a person not a gender) ;

by minty_peach
TV → House M.D. • Grey's Anatomy • Friends • Scrubs • My Family
Anime/Manga → D.Gray-Man • BECK • Naruto • Samurai Champloo • Bleach

by minty_peach
Tegan and Sara • Olli Schulz • kettcar • Damien Rice • Bob Dylan • Home of the Lame • Seabear • Niels Frevert • Cake • Led Zeppelin • Foo Fighters • Rise Against • Frank Sinatra • Beethoven

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Tatsuki/Orihime is always there to protect you love.

Shunsui/Nanao is grand romance.